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Vice President Of Lao Inspected The Victory Go Tobacco Planting Base

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-05-12


Bounnhang Ask The Condition Of Victory Go Company


At 1:30 p.m of April 23th,2014, Vice president of Lao Bounnhang Vorachith come to Xieng Khouang province to inspect the tobacco planting base of Victory go company in Lao, accompanied by The Provincial party committee secretary and governor Songguo Mansnoble ,Provincial Party Committee Director of the General Office, Meng Kunduz county magistrate etc.

Bounnhang and his entourage inspected the Victory go company tobacco planting base and roast base, convening a site coordination meeting.He highly praised Victory go company tobacco plantation projects and mentioned that Victory go company solved the employment problem of local framers and increased their income of leaf tobacco plantation and the government departments at various levels should fully support Victory go company tobacco planting project, realizing the rotation of rice and tobacco, further promoting the farmers’ income to become rich.

Vice president Bounnhang and his entourage inspected the Victory go company,showing the Lao government’s highly attention of Victory go company plantation project. It also showed the Lao Victory go company playing an important role in promoting local economic development.

Lao Victory go company adopted framers contract planting, company demonstration cropland since the kind of planting patterns, with the planting area reaching 108 hectares this year,including farmer contract planting 95 hectares, company demonstration cropland since the kind of planting patterns 13 hectares.The production of flue-cured tobacco were expected to arrive 2 t/ha, full production capacity 200 tons, with the support of Lao government, the company planned to plant 150 hectares to 200 hectares in future five years and realize the planting scales to 1000 hectares. The development and growth of Lao Victory go company would create more jobs for local people doubtlessly, promote people’s income and the further development of local economy.

Bounnhang Inspect The Roast Tobacco Base


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