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Pay a return visit DTG mining project of “Thousand of academician experts entered into thousands of enterprises”

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2015-05-15


Benxi City Organization Department Leaders Have An Informal Discussion With Representatives Of DTG Company

On May 27th afternoon, Benxi Vice Minister of the Organization Department Mr. Jin,  Personnel Director Mr. Yu and their entourages paid a return visit DTG project of “Thousand of academician experts entered into thousands of enterprises”. The related comrades of DTG General Manager Office, Chief Engineer Office and Party branch participated in the reception.

Chief engineer Zhang Jingyuan had a brief introduction of DTG basic situation and subsequent progress of project docking advanced meeting. Vice Minister of the Organization Department Mr. Jin listened carefully his report, expressed approval and support to the company's current work. At the report meeting, the company Vice General Manager Wang Huidong proposed DTG intend to establish a "National Key Laboratory" "Post Doctoral Mobile Workstation" and other scientific research platforms, which were affirmed and encouraged by the organization department leaders.

DTG iron mining with large reserves, buried depth, long construction period, high difficulty in engineering, the prevention and control of deep mining rock burst, deep mining ventilation and cooling etc., worldwide mining technical difficulties, which need the Experts and scholars at home and abroad strive to make technological breakthrough together to build the DTG iron mining into the international advanced, the domestic leading large scale mine.


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