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Hua Cui, Chief of Maoming’s Dianbai District,carry out a research in Shanliao Village

Author: GHG CreateDate: 2017-11-24


On the morning of October 22nd, Hua Cui, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and government chief of Dianbai District, Maoming City, together with Lu Xiaoli, member of the standing committee of the CPC Committee and United Front Work Department chief for the district, carried out a research tour on New Rural Development at Shanliao Village. They were accompanied by the heads of a number of different departments, including the district’s government office, bureau of agriculture, the waterworks, bureau of transportation, bureau of urban and rural planning, bureau of housing and urban-rural construction, and bureau of culture, radio and television. Hua Cui fully approved the progress made to date on the project, and praised Chairman Li Weibo for his efforts to facilitate New Rural Development in his home village.


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